Annie Advisor

Find students in need of support before it's too late


How it works?

Reveal latent needs

Select your target student group, and within a few days you will have a clear view to your students information and support needs.

Keep track of interventions​

Help your student support staff to coordinate and carry out support actions efficiently with an easy-to-use ticketing system.

Follow the impact

Have a full view on what kind of support students need, how they are helped and which kind of support actions have the best impact.


The intelligent student guidance bot Annie
finds the students in need of support before it’s too late.
Annie also helps the student support staff
keep track of students and interventions.

Annie Advisor. Just ask.


"The solution is exceptionally holistic. At the heart of the solution is that student support should be preventive, not reactive.”

Klash Innovation Contest Jury


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