Wanted: UX Developer

Join our mission to prevent school dropouts! If you're the unicorn that combines skills in both UX design and front end development, you might be who we're looking for.

What is Annie Advisor?

  • Our one and only product Annie is a preventive student support tool for schools, with a conversational interface (chatbot). We detect students who need help early, thereby preventing dropouts.

  • We’re a startup, officially started in October 2020. Ambitious but small team (3,5 staff plus advisors). Based out of Helsinki but fully distributed with 1-2 team days per year.

  • We currently have a MVP with proven traction: profitable, long runway, ~5x growth, 0% churn.

  • Our customers are vocational schools and high schools.

  • We've raised angel investment and EU funding. We have a long runway, primarily from revenue.

  • We're also part of the Impact Edtech accelerator, where less than 7% of 300+ applicants were selected.

  • Team of techies who care about humans. Background in edtech startups and the public sector (educational govtech).

Who are we looking for?

  • You care about making products with societal impact or you're personally interested in improving student support or preventing dropouts.

  • We’re primarily looking for a UX Engineer/Developer, but an emphasis on either front end development or UX design is also OK. A good fit is most important, we're flexible about the details.

  • Our target user appreciates simplicity, so we’re likely to make a product with few features done well rather than something with a huge array of buttons and dials. This should fit your style.

  • Very comfortable with at least one modern front end framework e.g. React/Angular/Vue and UX stack e.g. Marvel/Invision/Adobe XD and a variety of user research methods.

  • You are a quick thinker and learner. You get stuff done.

  • You enjoy learning new things and improving the end user’s experience is what makes you tick.

  • Experience with support/ticketing systems or educational technologies are a plus.

  • You speak English. We're not native speakers and neither do we expect you to be. Understanding/speaking Finnish is a plus.

Why should you care?

  • A product that makes an impact: Our goal is to prevent dropouts and make sure students get the help they need. Students tell us that the product really helps them and they feel that they are cared for.

  • Pick your own stack (yes, really): We’re starting the whole front end from scratch and there's no UX process in place, so there is no legacy to deal with. We have a research and discovery process, but you’ll probably teach us a lot on how it can be improved.

  • Clever colleagues, uniquely suited to solve this problem: Experienced team with edtech and govtech background. Everyone on the team will understand what you do and appreciate your work.

  • Compensation: Benefits, healthcare, a competitive salary and stock options.

Interested? Don't hesitate to reach out!

If you have questions or notes, hit us up. If not and you're interested in the position, send your CV and portfolio (if any) to us.

Miska Noponen, CEO, miska.noponen@annieadvisor.com, +358408472763 (also Signal/Telegram/WhatsApp)